Pakistan High Commission rebuts remarks by Dominic Grieve MP

London: Pakistan High Commission and Pakistani Diaspora in United Kingdom have taken a serious exception to the views of British AG Dominic Grieve MP as negative and divisive not likely to help the steady growth of bilateral relations between the two countries that have grown from strength to strength over the years. Such unguarded comments would also have an adverse impact on the efforts of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan for building bridges with the Pakistani Community for the Conservative Party.

This was with reference to an interview by Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP to The Telegraph published on 22 November 2013 in which he labelled the Pakistani community living in the UK as “corrupt” and that they support a “favour culture.”

The High Commission for Pakistan to the UK finds these remarks by Mr. Grieve MP as totally unfounded towards the strong Pakistani Diaspora in the UK that contributes nearly £30 billion to the British GDP and is in the forefront of efforts for cementing interfaith and multi-ethnic harmony in a country home to millions of people of diverse backgrounds. Comments such as these are contrary to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s repeated appreciation of the constructive role played by Pakistani Diaspora in the economy, culture, politics and society of the UK.

The Pakistani Diaspora in UK is deeply disturbed by these unfounded and uncalled for comments made against them. Ever since the publication of this interview, the High Commission has been approached by thousands of Diaspora members who have expressed their disgust towards these remarks by a senior Tory politician.

Bizarrely, Mr. Grieve’s remarks are based on only one incident of electoral fraud which was dealt with by British Courts soon after it happened. It is extremely convenient to pass judgments on singular incidents, but it is important to emphasize that the Diaspora may also make its own judgement about those who overly react in finding faults with a community that has been contributing immensely in all facets of British society especially by its greater participation in main stream politics.

It is important to stress that Pakistan has been a trusted partner of UK in global war on terror and has always played a positive role in cementing its relationship with the UK. Such biased remarks by a senior politician would not help Pakistan-UK relations that have now taken on a constructive and meaningful path with the signing of the Enhanced Strategic Dialogue.

Pakistan does not accept such unfounded allegations against its own People and maintains that it is against the spirit of friendship and contrary to innate sense of British justice and pluralistic politics.