Pakistan future will be bright through ‘Mustafavi Inquilab”: Qadri

LONDON: Present Government is cheating people on drone attacks and are showing artificial anger as they have motigaged Pakistan in hands of world powers, said Dr Tahirul Qadri, Chairman Minhaj ul Quran (MuQ) while addressing the workers convention from Britain and other parts of World through video link.
“Rulers are lying with people and after making compromises with world powers they are daringly telling lie with nation and in Parliament. they are holding press conferences to create a new debate and misguide entire media and nation”, he said, adding that he is giving proofs that no drone issue was discussed in the meeting between US President Obama and Nawaz Sharif.
“It was statement of White House spokesman after meeting between Obama Nawaz Sharif that nothing about drone attacks was disccused in the meeting”, Qadir said. He said that present government is following the policies of military dictator Musharraf.
Present governments policies are continuity of Musharraf’s and Zardari’s policies, he said.
“Their is no democracy in the country and only solution to all problems is “Mustafavi Inquilab” (Mustafavi Revolution), which can change the ultimate destiation of Pakistan”, Qadir said, adding that so called democracy has snatched the right to peace from people of Pakistan and current suppressive system has deprived people of their basic rights.
Current Pakistan is not being run through democracy, but autocracy, political martial law and political barbarism, he said, adding that rulers have put enture nation on the mercy of terrorists, looters and kidnappers.
Qadir said that Quaid e Azam gave the gift to nation by creating Pakistan with the hekp of common man, but today common man, middle class people have not role in matters of running country.
He asked people and particularly to MuQ workers to continue home work and be ready for a revolution. “The final round of trvolition is not so far and people will definitely feel change after this round”, he added.