Pakistan strictly follows international code: Kamran Michael

LONDON: Kamran Micheal, Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping has said Pakistan is strictly following the international convention of maritime and a board was constituted to keep a check on pollution in the area.
“We have imposed international code and rules in Pakistani maritime”, Kamran Michael said while addressing to 170 states general assembly of International Maritime Organisation’s 28th session in London.
He told the IMO that security level in international waters has been a cause of concerns for all of us which needs to be fully addressed. “Sea trade and secure shipping is of prime importance to us for increase in international as well regional maritime trade”, he added.
Kamran Micheal said that security level in International Waters has been a cause of concerns for all of us which needs to be fully addressed. Showing the contribution of Pakistan in maritime trade Federal Minister has said Pakistan is having three functional ports namely Karachi ports, Bin Qasim port and Gwadar port where size of maritime trade is ever increasing and Gwadar deep sea port is going to connect the whole Asia together.
He said he has started work of construction at Karachi port to develop a deep draft port which will capacitate the port for anchorage of 400 meter long mother ship there.
Representing the Pakistani nation, Federal minister said Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency always keep patrolling in assigned areas to ensure security at sea water. Pakistan is playing a responsible role in environment control and safety of sea men at sea and regulation of SOLAS and MARPOL has been implemented in Pakistan, he said.
Elaborating the steps taken by Pakistan, Federal Minister said that he had established maritime control board to monitor the environment.
Kamran Micheal said that Pakistan was following London Convention regulations to promote shipping in Pakistan.
Kamran Micheal is first ever Pakistani Minister who addressed this lofty forum of 170 States.