Pakistan after better relations with India resolve Kashmir, other issues: Naseer

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD: Former AJK Minister Raja Naseer Khan MLA, future of Kashmir is linked with Pakistan and time is not so far when under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif and raja Farooq Haider Khan the long-standing issue will be resolvled.
Raja Naseer said while addressing a reception held at K2 restaurant, which was arranged by Raja Marvat Khan, vice president PML-N Britain. The reception was also addressed by Chairman PML-N AJK Overseas Muhammad Shafiq, President AJK PML-N Britain Zuber Kayani, Raja Imtiaz Ahmed Mirza, Barrister Muhammad Yousuf, Councillor Chaudhry Muhammad Ayub, Raja Nawaz Khan, Iftikhar Khatiarvi, Raja Aurangzeb, Raja Taj Khan, and other leaders. Rao Rashid Khan was Stage Secretary while function was started with recitation of Holy Quran by Kamran Khan.
Prominent among participants were Raja Iftikhar Khatiarwi, master Nisar Khan, Raja Amir Zaman, Raja Siparish Khan, Raja Zahoor, Raja Aftab, Raja Rafiq, Chaudhry Naseem, Raja hanif Kayani, Raja Naeem, Raja Mushtaq, Muhammad Aziz, Shahzad Iqbal, Raja Zarob Khan, Raja Manta Khan, Muhammad Tufail Khan, Shabir Kayani, Raja Sajid Khan, Zulfiqar Ali and many others.
The recent India visit of Mian Shahbaz Sharif and his meeting with Indian Premier Manmohan Singh loudly speaks Pakistan wants to resolve all outstanding issues with India to make best relations. The core issue of Kashmir will always be on top of the agenda, Raja Naseer said.
During 2 and a half year tenure Pakistan Peoples’ Party Government has failed to spent a paise on development or public interest projects, he said, adding during their government they utilized cent percent funds on development and welfare of the area.
Naseer Khan said if Allah granted power to PML-N, his first priority will be to streamline the transport system of AJK so that accidents and casualties could be controlled.
Raja Marvat Khan is his speech said Raja Naseer served people of Sehanda without any consideration and every person, either his voter or opposition got benefit from him, this is reason that he is popular in his constituency and people always praise his work. “The life of Raja Naseer is a symbol of merit and he always served the people of his constituency. He provided roads and schools in his area and made access to education easy for everyone”, he added.
Raja Zuber Iqbal Kayani said, PML-N AJK Britain is making efforts to hold an International Kashmir Conference and dates for this conference will be announced soon.
Councillor Muhammad Ayub said it is sad the there are leaders in PML-N while no worker is visible on ground, which is main reason of clashes and conflicts.
Raja Taj Khan said Raja Naseer by doing practical work in his constituency has raised heads of party leadership and workers very high.