Overseas can visit KPK to check PTI performance: Asad Qaiser

LONDON: Overseas Pakistanis are at liberty as they whenever like to visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to check the performance of the government of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI), our first and foremost priority is to maintain peace to attract foreign investment, said Asad Qaiser, Speaker of KP Assembly and senior PTI leader.

Asad Qaiser was addressing a reception hosted by UK-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The function was presided over by Chamber President Abdu Majid Shaheen, while British Peer Lord Nazir Ahmed, Chairman of Chamber Chaudhry Siddiq, Vice President Nazr Lodhi, former president Razi Khan, Chairman FIRD Taha Qureshi were sitting on stage.

He said many political parties believe in just criticism for the sake of criticism while in fact they are securing their personal interests. “We are not with Taliban, America or any other power involved in terrorism in Pakistan our sole agenda to save Pakistan for Pakistanis”, he added.

Asad Qaiser said PTI has inherited terrorism with power and it is well aware of it and knows how to tackle this menace. “We don’t care for our lives and use all out efforts to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan”, he added.

He said PTI formed government seven months back and it is not possible to resolve all problems overnight and the steps KP Government taken would yield fruits with the passage of time.

He said a huge amount from budget was allocated for basic education in the province and an Education City will be established for promotion of education. “We want to decorate the KP with education and implement the laws so that educated lot will be benefitted”, he said.

He said in recently held election people gave PTI mandate as they were aware that this is only party which can hold looters accountable and recover the looted money. “Soon after assuming power we have bridled the worst corruption and followed merit and it was PTI government which has brought independent Accountability Commission”, he added.

He said PTI government abolished notorious ‘Patwari’ culture to give people relief and have make revolutionary steps in the fields of education and health.

Lord Nazir Ahmed said modern world is stressing on dialogue. “We have to hold dialogue and not to escape the dialogue process and nor we have to take defensive position”, he added.

He said when peace and stability emerges in the country the foreign investment will quickly come and change the whole scenario of country.

President of Chamber Abdul Majid Shaheen welcomed the chief guest and assured on behalf of business community of Britain if the process of investment will be transparent and law and order situation and security will be there so many Pakistanis in Britain are ready to invest in Pakistan.

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