Our struggle has no match with Balochistan: Kashmiri leaders

SLOUGH: Kashmiro leadership has shown complete unity on the occasion of Jammu Martyres Day and jointly paid glowing tributes to martyres and afformed the pledge that mission of Martyres will be completed.
Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) AJK Chapter, Kashmir Advisory Council and Community leaders have arranged a joint fuction to mark the Jammu Martyres Day.
Paying tributes to Jammu Martyres who sacrificed theri lives for the sake of freedom, Senior leader of Muslim conference Chaudhry Jameel Naseem said that Kashmiri lives round the globe are payiug tributes to Jammu Martyres and reaffirm their pledge to continue the struggle till end of suppression and illegal occupation in Kashmir and after freedom they accede with Pakistan.
Addressing the gathering PML-N AJK, Chairman South Zone Raja Tariq Khan said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has adopted straight and solid stand on Kashmir issue and has won hearts of Kashmiris round the globe. Nawaz Sharif is pleading boldly Kashmir cause on international forums, besides annoucing complete support to right of self determination of Kashmiri people, he added.
Sardar Shoaib Nazish, of Kashmir Advisory Council said that Kashmir was never part of any country or federation, but Kashmiris have their own identification. At present Kashmiris are not only fighting for their freedom from foreign occupation but also for their iwn identification, he added.
He dispelled the impression saying that Kashmir has no match with Balochistan as Talal Bugti has put Balochistan on fire for one tribe. He said that India is involved in inflitration in Balochistan and Karachi with a solid intention to keep Pakistan away from Kashmir issue. India is using Talal Bugti to weaken Kashmir cause.
Nazish said that Kashmiris will not forget their blood of their martyres and Kashmiris due to unprecendented sacrifices rendered by Jammu Martyres and are still be given by people will attain an independent Kashmir. Resolution on Kashmir are pending inUnited Nations and after implementation on these resolutions Kashmir issue will be rsolved.
He said that Pakistan is lawyer of Kashmiris but for many years it has left Kashmiris alone on international forums,while Musharraf formula, Zardari policies have caused big loss to Kashmir cause.
Ex councillor, Raja Ishaq, Raja Gulnawaz and others also addressed the function