Ultimate sufferers are Islam and Muslims in the world: Dr Chohan

LONDON: Former President UK Pakistan Chamber of Commerce (UKPCCI) Dr Ashraf Chohan has expressed concern and condemned the statement of Baroness Saeed Warsi given in the US against Pakistani Muslims, saying this statement is contradictory to Islamic teachings. He said that Pakistan is passing through a tough era, as few days back Muslims were killed brutally and it is yet to ascertain as who was behind this onslaught. “Government has not hesitated to find the foreign involvement in this incident”. he added. Dr Chohan said that the statement of Warsi is giving indication that Christianity is under threat all over the world, while the reality is that Muslims all over world are facing threats. “Ulema and Islamic religious scholars have condemned the terrorism and any inhuman act. Under these circumstances I am unable to find where Christianity is facing threats. As far terrorism which is a world wide phenomenon, but ultimate sufferers are Muslims and Islam”, he asked. Dr Ashraf Chohan, who recently left the Tory Party and joined the Labour Party and received the “Star of Pakistan” award has said that he is not against any person or party but his reaction against the misguiding statements is natural.