Nuclear collision can only be averted by resolving Kashmir: AJK President

BRUSSELS: The time should not come when two nuclear powers of South Asia collide which could prove disastrous for the region, said Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan, President of Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) while addressing a seminar organized under ‘Kashmir week” being celebrated in European Parliament.
He said that in 2005 at the time of disastrous earthquake who world arrived to help affected Kashmiris and at that time role of European Community was glorious, which will remain with Kashmiris forever.
Kashmir Week is being organized in European Parliament by Chairman of Pakistan Friends Group,  Sajjad Karim MEP. the seminar was also addressed by Jean Lambert MEP, Ambassador for European Union Munawar Saeed Bhatti, renowned journalist from Occupied Kashmir Shujat Bokhari, lawyer from US Zahoor Wani, AJK Minister Farzana yaqoob, , Kashmir Expert Lara Sakhorman, Hurriyat leaders Altaf Wani and Farooq Siddiqui, Ali Raza Syed and Marian Lucas.
Hurriyat leader Yaseen Malik and Kashjir Coalition of Civil societies leader Pervez Imroz addressed through video link.
Kashmir has become a nuclear flash point so that world community should take stock of the situation and help resolve this issue through dialogue, AJK President said.
Europe is Kashmir friendly place, where every voice is being heard on humanitarian basis, AJK President said that India is thinking that it will crush the ongoing liberation movement of Kashmiris by using its military might, but it should keep in mind that Kashmiris don’t want to repeat 1947, when they snatched their right.
He said that Kashmiris are a peace-loving people and they trusted the Indian leader Nehru but he proved wrong. “We desire that Kashmir issue should be resolved through dialogue in a peaceful manner while India is constantly be-fooling its own people and world community as well”, he added.
The hanging of Afzal Guru is a big example, while he was not involved in Indian parliament attack, which was a pre-planned move of Indian army and Guru was hanged just to please Indian people,  Sardar Yaqoob said, adding that India linked every terrorist attack on its soil with Pakistan, but world has not accepted it. AJK President expressed satisfaction that today entire Hurriyat Conference is united on one point to get liberated from India.
He said that elders had presented ‘Resolution of Accession of Kashmir with Pakistan” in Srinagar and this is the reason that before keeping maligned eye on Pakistan it should face Kashmiris.
He invited world media to visit AJK any time but world media should take notice of media black out in occupied Kashmir.
AJK President thanked Prime Minister Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif who raised Kashmir issue in United Nations and on other forums saying that Nawaz Sharif raised Kashmir issue while Asif Ali Zardari always talked about Pakistan.
Addressing the seminar Shujat Bokhari said that Kashmir is the same place which was declared the beautiful prison by European Union, but this October European delegation arrived Kashmir but moved back after having meetings with Chief Minister and Governor, which is was not a right move.
Hurriyat leader Yaseen Malik that he lay the arms on the demand of world so that efforts to resolve Kashmir peacefully be given a chance, but this has not proved true and Indian Army is busy in brutal onslaught of Kashmiri people. “Do World community has desire that we again put arms”, he asked.
Malik asked European Community not to look economic value and business volume with India but it should condemn India on human rights violations.
European Parliament is celebrating Kashmir Week and Sajjad Karim MEP is supervising the functions being organized while Raja Najabat and Ali raza Syed are also assisting him.

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