NS not learn lesson, Musharraf case is smaller than Zia: APML

LONDON: Prime Minister by using judiciary in victimization of his opponents has caused utter humiliation to Pakistan locally and internationally and world is laughing over Pakistan situation. Nawaz Sharif by involving a patriotic general in treason case proved that he has not learn any lesson from past.

These were the views of leaders and workers of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) while addressing a protest demonstration held outside Pakistan High Commission. The APML hold demonstration against the partial trial of Pervez Musharraf in treason case. The demonstration was attended Afzal Siddiqui Secretary General APML UK and Europe, Altaf Shahid, Fehmida Abbasi, Saeed Bhatti, Tabrez Aura, Mohsin Naqvi, Amir Nazir Khan, Hamid Mirza, Tariq Behari, Usman Sheikh, Rumaisa Shah, Muhammad Ali Chauhan, Irfan and many other party workers.

They were of the view that Pakistan’s economy was very strong in Musharraf era, while people had a very high standard life style, which was now ruined by Nawaz Sharif. During Musharraf era education was easy for people while media was given unprecedented by Pervez Musharraf, they added.

The demonstrators said Nawaz Sharif nourished by one of the worst military dictators has started victimizing Pervez Musharraf in connivance with former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. This victimization has caused dent to Pakistan’s image internationally, they added.

They said Nawaz Sharif by ignoring the true spirit of article 6 is once again making unconstitutional move. Article 6 cannot be imposed on one person while it is being imposed on all involved in the move directly or indirectly and government should make trial of all involved in the matter, they demanded.

There is no room for trial of one and leaving others involved in the move and this article is not for any particular time, era and person, it should be imposed across the board, the also demanded.

They said article 232 is giving President a power to impose emergency and it is not true that Musharraf put Constitution in abeyance.

They said imposing emergency in 2007 was a small issue than Ziaul Haq and government should ensure across the board trial or leave everybody.

The demonstrators handed over a protest memorandum to Pakistan High Commission.