No Voice rose from base camp for liberation of Kashmir, Lord Nazir, Barrister

ISLAMABAD: This is appropriate time to raise Kashmir issue at national and international forums forcefully to get this issue resolved but it is unfortunate that rulers of base camp of freedom movement are busy in minting money and are involved in corruption and nepotism.

These were the views of former AJK Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry and British Peer Lord Nazir Ahmed while addressing a joint press conference at residence of Barrister Sultan. Sardar Imtiaz Khan former Advisor to AJK Government and other leaders were present on the occasion.

It is pathetic that AJK cannot become a real base camp of freedom movement and not raised voice for freedom of Kashmir from Indian clutches, they said.

“I belong to AJK and this is reason I cannot watch such a massive scale corruption and nepotism in AJK, which is totally intolerable”, Lord Nazir said, adding Parliament is being framed by people and this parliament should have right to send corrupt rulers home so that a government which work only for freedom of Kashmir and help develop AJK.

He said bribes are being demanded from Overseas Pakistanis for not opening their bags and suitcases at airports, “I will meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Interior Minister to raise this important issue with them”, he added.

He said all airports have turned into den of corruption and the people at airports are looting overseas Pakistanis with ease and no one is here to make these people answerable.

Speaking on the occasion Barrister Sultan Mehmood due to inability, corruption, loot and nepotism let loose by AJK Government nothing positive is being expected at this decisive stage of Kashmir issue. “I am leaving for Europe to raise the voice of 15 million Kashmiris at this hour and raise the issue at different international forums.

He said for the sake of peace in South Asia and due to Afghan issue Kashmir became a very important issue and world leaders if forced, can help resolve Kashmir issue. “I will raise this issue in European Parliament, European Union, International Court of Justice, British Parliament, Foreign Ministers of France and Netherlands, Parliamentarians, human rights organizations,” he said.

He said he will hold protest demonstrations outside Indian embassies in different capitals of world to shake the conscience of Europe over brutal human rights violations by India.