Visa office is for Britains, no Pakistani needs visa: Wajid Shamsul Hassan

BIRMINGHAM: Pakistan High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hassan along with his deputy High Commissioner Imran Mirza visited the Gerry’s visa office in Birmingham and reviewed the facilities the visitors are being provided. They met visitors in the office came for visa at Gerry’s visa office, After the visit Wajid Shamsul Hassan talking to media condemned the disinformation spread against the visa office saying that no Pakistani needs visa to visit home so there is no reality in the statements about problems Pakistanis are facing.
Gery’s visa service is for British Passport holders, while dual nationality holders can visit Pakistan without passport and visa, Shamsul Hassan said, adding Government of Pakistan has increased the limit of passport from five to ten years while people holding National Identity Card of Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) can travel to Pakistan without having passport.
He said main reason to out-source Visa Service is the High Commission in London is running out of space and it is not easy to handle moe than 400 people a day and it was not possible for PHC to provide seating space to such a huge number so they were standing on footpaths causing problems for people.
He said PHC received complaints from local residents adjacent about High Commission activities which can prove harmful. People in London have welcomed the opening of Gery’s Visa Office, while powerful agent mafia is feeling uncomfortable with this move, he added.
He said PHC is making visa service better and easy for visitors, while new building was hired for Birmingham Consulate. He said new visa office will be opened in west London, while new facility of NADRA will be provided in PHC London.
Besides Deputy High Commissioner Imran Mirza, Consulate General Birmingham Sher Bahadur Khan, Nabeel Andrabi from Gery’s International, Amir Taj and other officials from Birmingham Consulate accompanied Pak High Commissioner.