No Government provides relief to overseas: Jamil Tabassum

KAMBERLI: It is better to activate old cells and institutions formed to serve and resolve problems of overseas community, Chaudhry Jamel Tabassum, Senior leader of Muslim Conference (MC) and former president of Pakistan Welfare Association Slough.

No government can claim it has given any type of relief to overseas community and no and still problems of overseas community are unresolved, Tabassum said while addressing a dinner hosted in his honor by Chaudhry Muhammad Riaz. The dinner was attended by a huge number of youth from Kashmiri and Pakistani community besides people from all walks of life.

“There is a hope the recently formed a cell on the instructions of Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) will work better and help resolve problems of overseas community”, Tabassum said.

H expressed joy over a large number of youth present in the function saying it is a good omen the young generation is showing their interest in functions of Kashmir and Pakistan, which will help them to strengthen their links with motherland.

He said the young generation is interested in purchase their own houses in Pakistan and to invest in the different sectors to strengthen country’s economy and create jobs for unemployed youth in Pakistan. This young generation is capable to change the country’s destiny by sending foreign exchange of billions and taking part in uplift of their native areas, he added.

Having this high spirit for the motherland, they are facing worst type of problems when they arrive in Pakistan, he said, adding by getting a stay order from a civil court ‘Qabza Groups’ land grabbers are occupying their land and deprive them from their property. They are moving from pillar to post to get back their property as dye to corrupt culture, qabza groups are delaying the cases and forcing them to leave back, he added.

The government should make legislation for the protection of these people and failing in which these valuable people would prefer to stay away from ancestral motherland, the MC leader said, adding by providing security and safety to overseas community government could get foreign investment of billions without making any effort.

Lots of desks, cells and even Overseas Pakistanis Foundation were formed but the problems were not addressed.


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