Changes will appear after December in Pakistan: Pir Pagara

LONDON: Spiritual leader of ‘Hurrs’ and renowned political figure, Peer Sibgatullah Rashdi, Peer of Pagara has said Pakistan will see positive changes in new year and many issue which were looking difficult to resolve this year will be resolved in new year.
He said during informal talk to media men at a reception hosted by renowned businessman Mian Abdul Wahid in his honour. The function was conducted by Dr Zia, while Asif Shahzad, former political advisor to Pervez Musharraf and PML Functional Britain incharge Sadat Shah were also present in the function. Prominent among participants were Chief Editor Kashmir Link London Mobeen Chaudhry, Chief Editor UK Times Attaul Haq, Imran Wahid, Chaudhry Dilpazeer, Saeed Bhatti, Najma Shaheen, Zeshan Chaudhry, Baber Chaudhry and many others.
Peer of Pagara said the recently held general elections were not fair. “If general election of 2013 were fair and transparent then every party would have been be satisfied, but the situation is totally different and no political party is fully satisfied with polls results”, he added.
“If we see the overall results of the 2013 general elections, it is giving clear indication that script was written somewhere else”, Pagara said, adding that as per this script his party Muslim League Functional was defeated in 18 constituencies, where it had majority and candidates were winning.
He was of the view that government machinery of that time presented its own results and the candidates of choice won polls, the ample proof is so far where ever inquiry was conducted rigging were found.
Peer of Pagara answered questions of participants and assured those who were asking about the future of General (R) Pervez Musharraf that the news of his release among those appearing in new year.


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