I don’t believe in politics of narrow mindedness: Sajjad Karim

MANCHESTER: “I have been graced with success in attaining the GSP Plus status for Kashmir issue and Pakistan in European Parliament, because I have my roots in public and am answerable to people today and tomorrow” Said Sajjad Karim while addressing a reception hosted by Raja Sajjad, President Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) North-west.
He said that he is and will remain busy in playing his role in improving Pakistan’s image in European Parliament and to strive for resolution of Kashmir issue. “People who made Pakistan and who are living in pakistan are living with love and peace without any discrimination of rligion, sect and colour”, he added.
He said that some anti Pakistan and foreign forces are busy in creating differences to weaken Pakistan by creating law and order situation. Pakistani nation should remain aware of these elements to frustrate their designs.
“I have never indulged in politics of naroow-mindedness and never believe init. Every voter of my constituency is my asset and I have to respect his wishes”, he said and expressed hope that hsi voter will show similar love and affection towards him in upcoming elections and send him agains to European Parliament with huge majority vote.
Addressing on the occasion Sharif Aftab, Chairman PML-N Britain the support of Sajjad Karim is not hidden from anyone and this is reason that PML-N and Pakistani Government is supporting him and Pakistani community always chose him. He said that in upcoming elections Sajjad karim will get similar love from Pakistani community.
Raja Sajjd, President PML-N North West that role of Sajjad Karim to keep the prestigue of Pakistan up in European Parliament will always remain with Pakistanis and Pakistani community in UK. He said that Pakistani community will always support him for his role in European Parliament.
Raja Saqib, Vice President PML-N Britain, Raja Waheed, Hameed Lehri, Raja Muhammad Ishfaq, Raja Shameem, Umar hayat, Muhammad Bilal, Raja Muhammad Saleem, Ch Muhsmmad Mushtaq, Fayyaz Hussain, and Naveed Gondal were present on the occasion.

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