Muslims make their link with Masjid stronger: Moulana Tariq Jameel

LEICESTER: “We being Muslims believe in Allah Almighty but not accept what Allah said in his book, which is main reason of utter disgrace of Muslim Ummah on the whole”, said Moulana Tariq Jameel.
“It is point of concern that we are belief in Allah Almighty, but are not ready to follow the teachings whch were said to us, one we put our selves on the path directed by Allah we will regain the lost glory”, Moulana Tariq was addressing a big gathering at jamia Masjid Leicester.
Muslims have a big responsibility to safeguard the Islamic history, culture, traditions and values, but it is unfortunate that Muslims of present era is not fulfilling his duty, he said, adding that if a Muslim claims to be follower of Islam and remained linked with ‘Riba’ interest, alcohal and adultery, it is not fair, “We have to seek forgiveness from Allah so that we will be in better position to love here and hereafter”.
Moulana Tariq Jameel urged the Muslims to make his link with Masjid very strong and British Muslims should support Masajid and Islamic institutions for providing their young generation true knowledge os Islam, in spite of eracting luxurious banglows in Pakistan or here.
He said that local and national governments in Britain are spending money for the welfare of their citizens so that it is responsibilty of citizens to pay taxes.. He said that for seeking British nationality people are exploiting women and it is necessary to think that those women are daughters and sisters too.

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