Muslims are being targeted by African militia

BANGUI: Muslims have been targeted and killed brutishly in Central African Republic, a central part of Africa which comprises of more than 80% Christians and only 10% Muslims.

According to Washington Post tens of thousands of Muslims are fleeing to neighbouring countries by plane and truck as Christian militias stage brutal attacks, shattering the social fabric of this war-ravaged nation.

In towns and villages as well as here in the capital, Christian vigilantes wielding machetes have killed scores of Muslims, who are a minority here, and burned and looted their houses and mosques in recent days, according to witnesses, aid agencies and peacekeepers.


BBC had also reported it saying “Muslims are targeted in the country by the Christian militias (a Terrorist group) groups resulting in brutally killing them and forcing them to move out of their own country”.


Muslims have always become a soft target for anyone be it a betrayer from within the community or some Anti Social Element from any other community. Just because no one is there to “voice” their protest like other minorities, even the Muslim countries care a dam on these issue they are simply enjoying the luxurious and Royal Life.