Muslim Ummah needs to avoid inter-sect conflicts: Qadri

LONDON: Literary conflicts can be resolved through dialogue with each other, but the resolution of conflicts based on illiteracy, rigidity and narrow-mindedness is not easy, said Dr Tahirul Qadri, chief Minhajul Quran (MuQ).
He was talking to convener Ulema Coordination Council Britain, Moulana Sohail Bawa.
Tahirul Qadri was of the view that Muslim Ummah should have dialogue on various inter-sect confilcts and after having consensus these issues can be resolved. Muslim Ummah should keep all inter-sect confilcts within and not make these conflicts the weakness of Ummah.
Moulana Sohail Bawa said that Islam is a religious having complete way of life for its followers and also it gives a lesson of tolerance, peace and peaceful co-existance.
He expressed serious concern over conflicts prevailing in Muslim Ummah saying that some mischief mongers onthe directions of foreign forces are creating troubles for Muslim Ummah.
He said that some foreign forces are busy in giving way to inter-sect conflits in Pakistan and by these means they want to weakne this country.
He expressed hope that these forces will not succeed and Muslim Ummah will frustrate their evil designs.