Muslim history full of peace and love: Peer of Eidgah

BIRMINGHAM: Muslims in past have a history and character where ever they gone spread peace, love and brotherhood by spreading the message of Allah and his holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with decency, said Peer Naqeebur Rehman, Custodian (Sajada Nasheen) of Eidgah Sharif Rawalpindi.
It is dire need to start ‘dawah and tableegh’ in europe and other non Islamic countries where human being is claiming to be most modern, with sanity and with sense of responsibility, Naqeebur Rehman said, adding that this time people are working hard to spread Islam in Europe and they are getting good response.
He said that it is necessary to remain with local people with love, care and affection so that they will impress by the character of Muslims and then at a time you invite them towards Islam they will not feel any hesitation.
With character and spirituality of ‘Aulia Allah’ (Friends of Allah) cities altogether entered into Islam and by accepting Islam they spread message of love and brotherhood, Naqeebur Rehman said.
He said world if change and attain modernity, but love, care, sympathy, pain will not lose their meanings.
The function was addressed by custodian of shrine of Haq Bahu, Peer Niazul Hassan Qadri, Sahibzada Lakhte Hussain, Allama Saqib Shami, Peer Dildar Shah Dewan, Allama Niaz Ahmed Siddiqui, Allama Hafiz Farooq Ahmed, Allama Barkaat ahmed, and many others.

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