Musharraf being victimized, World to take cognizence: Lawyers

LONDON: Treason hearing against former President General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf is an utter violation of international laws and the hearing was initiated by rival of former President and incumbent Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif led government against his political opponent and the matter will be raised internationally.
This was stated by a close associate of former President Chaudhry Sarfaraz Anjum Kahlun, Raza Anjum, renowned British Lawyers Steven Kay QC and Tobby Cadman in Committee Room of British Parliament Houses while talking to party workers and media men.
The Special Court formed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to hear treason trial consists of hand picked judges believed to demonstrate clear bias while one of judges involved in the treason trial was previously removed from office during Musharraf’s Presidency on grounds of misconduct.
They said they will submit an appeal to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Special Rapporteurs and other relevant international bodies to urgently intervene and ensure that the former President is not subjected to politically motivated charges.
They called upon Britain, the US and Saudi Arabia to assist their friend during at this hour of need.
They termed the Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s attempts to bring former President Musharraf to trial on treason charges a clear abuse of his office, complies with “no known legal norms” and shows total disregard of all forms of justice.
They said they are submitting a report to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing the serious irregularities against former President Musharraf.
They demanded a full UN review by the UN High Commissioner and UN Special Rapporteurs to engage with the Government of Pakistan and reconsider their current actions against the former President.
They said Pervez Musharraf who removed Nawaz Sharif from office in 1999 and he is now premier again and since Musharraf’s return to Pakistan in March 2013 to re-enter public life, used the courts to bring a barrage of unsubstantiated charges against him, from alleged  accusations surrounding the death of former PM Benazir Bhutto, to questioning his operations against Islamic fundamentalists in the global war on terror. As each of these other charges have been dropped or bail granted the Government has used its powers to bring a final and politically motivated treason charge. Nawaz Sharif has now set up a special court and hand-picked three judges to try former President Musharraf, they said.
“The British and US Governments owe former President Musharraf a great debt for his support in the war against Islamic terrorism and the ongoing military actions in Afghanistan. In his time of need, it is crucial the British and American authorities act to support Musharraf, and support the rule of law in Pakistan by bringing all pressure to bear on the Government to end this show trial”, Steven Kay QC said.
Toby Cadman said “It is clear the current Government is abusing the powers of the premiership to bring charges against former President Musharraf for purely political reasons and out of vindictiveness over events of the past. This does not bode well for the stability of Pakistan under his premiership, at a time when the international community needs the rule of law and multi-party democracy to re-establish itself in the face of the threat from Islamic militancy”.
“Nawaz Sharif’s decision to pursue fabricated cases for political purposes is detrimental to the democratic system and indicates his obsession for personal revenge. Nawaz Sharif’s decision does not reflect the actions of a matured statesman but rather a democratic dictator who hides behind a veneer of democracy”, Chaudry Sarfraz Anjum Kahlon, political advisor to former President Musharraf.

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