Mumbai attacks: ‘99% evidence in Pakistan’, says India

NEW DELHI: A spokesperson for the Indian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that 99% of evidence for the 26/11 Mumbai attacks is in Pakistan since the attack was plotted there, NDTV reported.

The Pakistani judicial commission was in Mumbai last month to cross-examine Indian witnesses in the case.

Earlier this month, India issued arrest warrants for several Pakistanis that India claimed were involved in the attack.

Pakistan, however, said they required stronger evidence to indict the accused, in response to which, India’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin alleged that ”the entire planning of the dastardly Mumbai terrorist attack was hatched in Pakistan, the training of the terrorists who launched that attack was undertaken in Pakistan, the financing of the conspiracy was in Pakistan. It, therefore, follows that 99% of the evidence will be available in Pakistan.”

The spokesperson went on to claim that India had fully cooperated with Pakistan. ”On our part, we have fully cooperated with the Pakistan Judicial Commission which visited India in September 2013 and all information that they wanted was handed over to the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi on October 14 and 15.

“It now devolves on Pakistani authorities to ensure that justice is done in the Mumbai attack case in accordance with their own assurances.”