British Parliamentarians show full support to JKSDM

LONDON:  On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, to highlight brutal human rights in Indian occupied Kashmir, the Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement (JKSDM) Europe organised a function in House of Commons, which was attended by many Parliamentarians, who urged the world to take stock of human rights violations in Kashmir.
The meeting was presided over by JKSDM Chairman Raja Najabat Hussain and attended by parliamentarians from all the parties in British Parliament including Lord Nazir Ahmed Ex Chairman APPG, Lord Qurban Hussain, Andrew Griffiths MP Chairman APPG on Kashmir, Andrew Stephenson MP Chairman APPG on Pakistan, Dr Simon Reevell MP, David Ward MP, Roger Godsiff MP, Lucy Powel MP, Fiona Mactagret MP, Julie Hilling MP, Phillip Davis MP, Yasmin Qureshi MP, David Amess MP, Hillary Benn MP and Mark Hendrick MP along with Kashmiri women activists Rana Shama Nazir, Yasmin Dar, Shanaz Sadique, Councillor Nasrin Ali, Nadia Shabir, Saima Yousaf, Saeeda Sultana, Amjad Hussain Mughal, Mushtaq Lashari, Malik Rehmat Awan and Haji Manzoor Hussain.
They day was marked to remind the World that on December 10, 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed by the UN Member states and on 5th January 1949 UN Security Council passed the final resolution on Kashmir. Kashmiri Nation is still waiting for UN Resolution to be implemented as well as UN Human charter been ignored by the Indian government.
The Parliamentarians and Kashmiris on the occasion demanded the world top ensure the protection of human rights in Kashmir and should be given the Right of Self Determination to the people of the whole state of Jammu Kashmir. They were of the view that after passage of 65 years the UN has failed to implement its 30-point Charter in Kashmir  and neither UN Resolutions were implemented.
They rejected the erection of concrete wall on Line of control saying that this is will be brutal violation of UN Charter as Kashmiri will be divided.
The participants urged the British Government to ensure debate on Kashmir issue in the parliament. They termed the signature campaign of JKSDM to start debate on Kashmir issue in British Parliament a move forward saying this will help highlight Kashmir world over.
MPs were agreed to support the petition as well as raising the issue of construction of wall on control line by the Indian government.
Kashmiri activists demanded MPs to arrange the meeting and raise the Kashmir issue with foreign and Shadow foreign Secretary which was promised by Andrew Stephenson MP and Julie Hilling MP that they will make arrangements.
It was decided to ask questions in the both houses of parliament from the various government ministers including Prime Minister. Parliamentarians assured the British Kashmiris that they will raise the Kashmir issue according their wishes not only with India & Pakistan but also with British government.
Lord Nazir Ahmed said that Kashmiri youth &women joined the forces of Movement in UK now with JKSDM and I will this active team to send MPs & Lords questions every week and also write in the English media about the Human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. He praised the work of JKSDM and ask all Kashmiri organizations to work systematically through out the UK to get the real support from the British politicians and the international community to resolve the Kashmir issue.
David Ward MP told the meeting that he has raised the issue of wall building on control line with foreign office minster, he received a written reply which is not satisfactory but at least it has gone to the knowledge of British government.
Fiona Mactaggart announced that she will raise the same Kashmir petition in the House of Commons asking the international Community to resolve the Kashmir issue which is threat to global peace and people of State should be given the right of Self determination.
Yasmin Qureshi MP said that International Community should support Kashmiris struggle for their basic rights which have been denied from last 67 years. She said Kashmiri across the board should be consulted what ever choice they want for their future and we as international community cannot put pressure on India or Pakistan but we can mediate to bring a solution which is acceptable to all concerns specially Kashmiris.
Dr Simon Reevell MP said Right of Self Determination is basic & fundamental Human right which is for every human being and its denial is denial of justice and we should be speaking against that.
JKSDM women wing Leader Yasmine Dar urged MPs to raise the voice of Kashmiri women&children who are suffering from last 67years and World is keeping blind eyes and on other hand India claims largest democracy but not giving Kashmiris their democratic rights.
Young Kashmiri professional Rana Shama Nazir briefed the MPs and audience about the reports of International agencies and NGOs about the killings by the Indian army and their presence in cities and towns of Valley. She asked MPs to put pressure on India to withdraw their forces from populated areas.
All the MPs and Lords assured JKSDM to work closely to achieve their rights in the whole state of Jammu &Kashmir
JKSDM Chairman asked MPs and Lords to sign the Kashmir petition for the debate in the House of Commons through the back bench business committee.