MPs assured to raise Kashmir issue in British, European Parliaments

BURY: Both British Parliamentarians from Bury, Candidate for European Parliament from North West, Kashmiri and Pakistani Councilors have provided help in signature campaign of Jammu Kashmir Right of Self Determination Movement (SDM) and assured that they will raise Kashmir issue in British and European Parliament.

The Conservative Parliamentarian from Bury North, David Nuttall and Labor Parliamentarians from Bury South, Ivan Lewis, Shadow Secretary have signed the Kashmir petition in presence of leaders and opened the signature campaign in their areas.

Dr Zahoor Ahmed, Pakistan Consul General in Manchester, Community Welfare Attaché Qazi Sajid Mehmood, Advisor to AJK Premier Sardar Abdul Rehman Khan, candidate for European Parliament Councilor Afzal Khan, Wajid Khan and Labor Candidate for Bury North Councilor James were also present on the occasion.

SDM Vice Chairman Amjid Hussain Mughal, Local Councilors Shaheen Haroon Raja, Taimur Tariq and former Councilor Ijaz Ahmed also participated in the function besides local leaders Azmat Hussain, Sabeena Khan, Dr Saleem Sharif, Raja Muhammad Riaz, Raja Tariq Mehmood, Raja Azhar Mehmood, Zakir Saleemi and Raja Ziaul Haq have took responsibility of getting signatures on the petition in their localities and have praised the efforts of SDM Chairman Raja Najabat Hussain and his team.

While addressing a seminar organized by SDM titled as “Kashmir issue and responsibilities of British Parliamentarians and Government” held at Jinnah Community Center Bury, David Nuttall said Kashmir issue is a complicated issue but the British Parliament and Government has a special role in resolving this issue, for which British Parliament hold a debate and question answer session with the help of Raja Najabat Hussain and his team and All Parties Kashmir Group. “We the Parliamentary Group, Friends of Kashmir Parliamentarians are supporting the SDM campaign has started having its impact on Kashmir issue and very soon Kashmiris will exercise their right of self-determination”, he added.

British Parliament will hold debate for peace, development and prosperity of the area and help resolve Kashmir issue for the sake of peace in the region, he said, adding right from 1991 he remained actively involved in Kashmir issue at every level and will remain actively involved in future till resolution of Kashmir issue and will raise the voice of Bury people in Parliament.

Referring his speech on Kashmir he delivered on September 2011 debate in British Parliament, he said he did it on the basis of information provided by SDM and he assured full cooperation to SDM leadership.

He thanked the SDM leadership for giving him Kashmir Award saying he is considering Kashmir issue a human issue and it should be resolved on the basis of human rights and justice.

David Nuttall expressed satisfaction over SDM efforts saying it pleasant this function was attended by Kashmiris having different ideologies, besides Conservatives and Labor leaders are sitting here together.

Briefing the participants on the signature campaign in Britain, SDM Chairman Raja Najabat Hussain said SDM is holding campaign and local leaders are signing petition in presence of their leadership and then local leadership is being assigned task. “The main purpose of signatures from Parliamentarians and local leadership is to highlight Kashmir issue in a befitting manner”, he added.

He talked about the cooperation and support ensured by Kashmir group saying Kashmir and Kashmir petition is not an issue of SDM but entire Kashmir and Pakistan and participation of local leaders irrespective of their affiliation is a good omen.