Minorities feeling insecure round the world: Baroness Warsi

NEW YORK: Baroness Saeed Warsi, Britain’s Senior Minister for Communities has said that minorities round the world are feeling insecure and ratio in Muslims World is a bit higher as they are being focused by world media.
She was addressing in Georgia Town University during her visit to the US. On her arrival to Washington Baroness Saeed Warsi first paid her visit to popular Radio “NPR” and talked about threats the religious minorities are facing round the globe.
Giving an example of India, she said that Indian is not a Muslim majority state and religious minorities particularly Christians were being targetted and their Churchs were burnt to ashes. No one took serious note of such incidents in India, while in Pakistan, Syria and Iraq such incidents are being highlighted, she said.
Warsi called upon Pakistan to make sure to address the issue of targetting religious minorities by terrorists. “We are facing such challenges as some people are using religious for creating discrimination, hatred and are targetting religious minorities, which should be curbed,” she said.
She pointed out that in many Middle East countries Christains are facing problems, in Syria and Iraq, where Christainity was much earlier than any other religion, Christain community is feeling insecure due to fear of migration. Many Christains have migrated due to civil war in Syria and insergancy in Iraq, Warsi added.
She called upon political leadership to raise voice against genocide and create religious tolerance intheri areas.
At present friends and foes are being separated on geographical or colour basis but onthe basis of religion and extremists are fading the history for their own interests, she analysis, adding that that inher vbiew there is not space of sectarian hatred. There is not difference is among Christains, Muslims, Jews, Hindus of Sunnis are shias and no gulf is exisitng which cannot be filled, she added.
She urged that by creating an atmosphere of peace, tolerance and peaceful co-existance one cannot be a lesser Muslims, but the person showing tolerance should be of very high value.