MC is ideological and representative voice of Kashmir: Jameel

SLOUGH: Muslim Conference is an ideological and representative party of entire Jammu Kashmir state, which give Kashmiri nation an ideology to get freedom from India and accede with Pakistan, said Chaudhry Jameel Tabbasum, Vice President of MC.
People of Kashmir had passed a resolution of accession with Pakistan in General Council meeting of before creation of Pakistan and linked their future with this country, Jameel Tabbasum while talking to a delegation of Wilford, which met him at the residence of Muhammad Riasat Bhatti.
Accession of Kashmir with Pakistan is reflection of two nation theory the immediate foundation of Pakistan laid by Quaide Azam.
He was of the view that some forces are active in hatching consporacies against ongoing freedom movement and against Muslim Conference by weakening the party.
He called upon the party workers not to frighten the crisis in the party and in state and prove a solid rock of wall against the enemies of Kashmir, so that Kashmir will be lead towards the freedom and its accession with Pakistan. He urged the Muslim Conference and leadership particularly the overseas Kashmiris to make the party strong and build a powerful public opinion for freedom of Kashmir.
Tabbasum lauded Riasat Bhatti and others for joining the Muslim conference saying this Bhatti and others will proove and asset for the aprty and they will work hard to make party strong.