Lowest Numbers of Pakistani Youth at Oxford University

OXFORD: Oxford University is among world leading universities in which thousands of students across the globe are coming to get education and leave to lead the world. The Oxford University comprising of 34 colleges is alma-mater of various scientists and other high value people across the world.

But unfortunately the lack of interest for education among Pakistani young community is clear by findings that the ration of community students in Oxford is as low, which cannot be mentioned.

According to reports more than 20,000 students from world are taking education in oxford out of which just sixty (60) are from Pakistan.  Only Ten students are getting education by their own means while fifty of them are on scholarships from the Government and other organizations. It is more worthy to know that the number of British Pakistanis in Oxford University is just 15.

According to figures released by Oxford University two years back the ratio of British Pakistanis is 2 per cent of total population while Indians are 2.5 per cent. In the University the ratio of British Pakistani students is 0.3 per cent while the Indians are 2.7 per cent.

Former President of Pakistani Students Society in Oxford University, Political Science in Ph D, Adnan Rafiq said it is unfortunate and pathetic the British Pakistanis have no interest in education. “It is a bitter reality without having high education any community could get an honorable place in British society”, he said.

He said for students coming from Pakistan it is a dream to have admission in Oxford University because renowned personalities like Liaqat Ali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Imran Khan etc were students of the Oxford.

Adnan said the blame of youth from British Pakistanis is that heavy tuition fee and other expenses create hurdles for them. Adnan and other Pakistani students are supposed to be the efficient youngsters in curricular, co curricular and extra curricular activities. They managed a talk with Malala after she nominated for Noble Award and now they are planning to raise funds for miserable in Gaza. They held a winter walk at Hyde Park for this purpose and still collecting donations until 31st of March. Renowned charity Muslim Hands helping them to raise funds.