Rochdale Law Association awarded Roger Edington for his 25 year services

MANCHESTER: Rochdale Law Association (RLA) annual dinner was attended by huge number of make and female law professionals, while host was first Asian President of the RLA Barrister Amjid Malik and chief guest was Mahor of Rochdale, Councillor Peter Rush. The dinner was also attended by first Muslim QC, Barrister Sibgatullah Qadir, Nazir Afzal Sajjad Karim, (MEP) Chief of Northwest Crown Prosecution Service, former RLA presidents and honourary Secretary RLA.
Barrister Amjid Malik, while speaking on the occasion highlighted the challenges the law profession is facing due to decline in legal aid, deterioration in economy, IT revolution, saying that research is imperative in law proffession like other proffessions and the research was made easy by technology.
Highlighting his role as representative of Northwest in European Parliament, Sajjad Karim (MEP) gave examples of a lawyer who emerged from Nelson and also talked on challenges world economy is facing due to China.
Chief Prosecutor Nazir Afzal talked about his role at Crown Prosecution Service and chellenges and rpoblems minority community members are facing in prosecution.
Honourary Secretary RLA, Roger Edington was give award in honour of his 25 year service to the association by a local society, which was given by Mayor Peter Rush.
Mohsin Manzoor conducted the function, while function was attended by Counsel General Ehsanullah, Sardar Qadir, Tahir Ansari, Kabir Ahmed, Usman Rashid, Idrees Muhammad, Tahir Rafiq, Mohsin malik, Shabana Nari, Barrister Ahmed Nadeem, George Brown, Goha Patel, Kiran Tamsin, Sajjad Mian, Ghulam Rasool, Shahzad Ilyas Gondal, Muhammad Rafiq and others.

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