Labor MP demands separate identity for Kashmiris in census

MANCHESTER: Kashmiri community largely praised the recommendation of Simon Danczuk, Labor MP for Rochdale, who asked to give Kashmiris a separate identity by allowing them separate identity in census.

Besides nationalist parties supporting independent Kashmir, the leadership of political parties active in AJK politics have praised these recommendations saying this will give Kashmiris a separate identity.

The people belonging to Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), United Kashmir Peoples’ National Party (UKPNP) and Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) have warmly welcomed Simon Danczuk’s recommendations saying Kashmiris have their own history, which cannot be eroded at any cost.

They said in Britain Kashmiris were struggling for their own separate identity.

Lord Qurban Hussain said he has started this campaign two decades back and urged people to register themselves as Kashmiris in census, but few people have did this.

Simon Danczuk. Labor MP from Kashmiri majority constituency Rochdale has raised the matter in House of Commons during a debate demanding the Kashmiris should be given separate identity in census and they should be accepted as a nation.

Kashmiris are 25 per cent of total Muslim population of Britain; they are paying taxes to this country and are playing their important role in socio economic development of the country, Simon Danczuk said during debate.

He said in census Kashmiris are not being registered as Kashmiris so that it is difficult to say the exact figure of Kashmiris living in Britain. Refusing to register Kashmiris as a separate nationality is tantamount to deprive a huge population from their identity, he added.

Simon Danczuk said it is largely demand of Kashmiris living in Britain that they should not be identified as Pakistani or Indian nationals and calling them as Kashmiri is feeling better.

It is basic right of Kashmiris to give them their own identity, he said, adding that he is fully aware of the matter if Kashmiris were given separate identity, it will not please India and Pakistan.