Kashmiris lobby and gained support of Labour Party

LUTON: Leadership of Kashmiri community has made forcful lobbying during the Labour Party’s Regional Labour Conference held at Luton and due to which they gained support of the party for Kashmir and Kashmiri community. Kashmiris by raising slogans have diverted the attention of participants towards themselves.
People who participated in this campaign were Mumtaz Rathore, Ayub Rathore ad Barrister Majeed Tramboo besides many others.
At tea candidate for European Parliament, Councillor Naeem Ayub and former Labour Councillor Riaz Butt have brought European Parliamentarian Richard Howitt and Kelvin Hopkins, British Parliamentarian, out to take with the campaigners.
Richard Howitt while talking to campaigners that during his recent visit to Azad Kashmir he witnessed the situation himself so that he reaffirm that he and his party will continue support Kashmiris.
Raising slogans on the committment made by Richard Hewitt, the Kashmiri campaigners said that if Labour Party will not support Kashmir cause, it will be very difficult for Kashmiri people.
Giving assurance of his support to Kashmiris, Kelvin Hopkins said that a huge number of Kashmiris living in Britain are die hard supporters of Labour Party, so the party is also supporting the Kashmiri cause for them and continue this support.
Earlier Lord William McKenzie of Luton has expressed his support and sympathy with Kashmiris saying that he will continue to support the rights of Kashmiris.
The representatives of all Kashmiri political parties participated in the camapign that include Sheraz Khan, Organizer Muslim Conference Raja Ishaq, Shaoib Akbar Nazish, Raja Swarop Khan, Mumtaz Butt, Chaudhry Bashir Naz, president PPP Luton and Saud Rana Secretary General, Youth Leader Adnan Sultan, Vice President MC Azad Malik, Ateeq Gilani, Qaiser Dawood, Saleem Nasir, Deputy Mayor Councillor Fazil Zia, Councillor Yaqoob Hanif, Nabeel Rathore, Habib Mir, Adeel Rathore, Khaqan Rathore, Rana Azam, Amir Dawood, PML-N Leader Raja Nisar Ahmed.
They hold campaign for over two hours.