We are united for our right of self determination: Kashmiri Leaders

DERBY: Kashmiri community living abroad is united and organized for freedom of Jammu Kashmir and leadership of all political parties in Britain have joined hands to frustrate Indian designs of erection of concrete wall on Line of Control, to launch campaign against this move of India andf to hold debate in British Parliament and local politicians are supporting and assisting Kashmiri community in their cause.
These were views of participants of a special meeting held here in Derby to discuss the situation of Kashmir. The meeting was presidedĀ  over by Allama Hafiz Fazal Ahmed Qadri, while Chairman Tehreek e Haq e Khudiradyat Europe Raja najabat Hussain, Chairman PML-N Raja Aftab Sharif, Kashmir leader Ch Muhammad Maqsood, Muslim Conference leader Sardar Siddiq, PPP leader Raja Ashfaq Azam, PML-N AJK Britain Raja Gulrez Khan, Dr Ashfaq Khan, MC leader Raja Shafiq Khan, Haji Muhammad Najeeb, Haleema Khalid, Conversative Councillor from Notingham, Muhammad jameel from Burton and host Raja Ashfaq of PPP, who is also candidate for Parliamentary election from Conservative Party, addressed the gathering.
The meeting was attended by over 40 delegates from different parts of Britain and they assured theri full support to Najabat Hussain for diplomatic offensive to highlight Kashmir cause internationally.
Raja Ashfaq Khan, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, said that he was not well aware of Kashmir cause and now after hearing it in detail and after having detailed meeting with Kashmiri leaders it is imperative that he will raise the matter in party and help Kashmiris in their noble cause.
Speaking on the occasion, Raja Najabat Hussain briefed the meeting about his organizational efforts for lobbying, meetings with British Parliamentarian and politicians to start debate in British Parliament on eraction of concrete wall on Line of Control and Kashmir issue. “British Kashmiris work unitedly without having into consideration the political affiliation we will definitely defeat Indian designs”, he maintained.
Addressing the meeting, PML-N Chairman Raja Aftab Sharif said that it is good luck for Kashmiris that there is Prime Minister of Kashmiri origin in Pakistan while the appointment of Chief of Army Staff of Kashmiri origin has raised the morale of Kashmiri people.
Mian Nawaz Sharif raised Kashmir issue at international forums with commitment and world is showing its positive response for solution of Kashmir issue, Aftab said, adding that Nawaz Sharif is taking along world community and wants to hold dialogue with India to resolve all outstanding issues.
“These efforts of Nawaz Sharif will help in resolution of all outstanding issue and push India to wall”, Aftab said.
Chairman Sunni Hurriyat Council, allama Hafiz Fazal Ahmed Qadri in his presidential address said that Indian rulers want to erect a concrete wall for permanent division of Kashmir and Kashmiris. “But this wall will prove a wall of sand”, he said.
Raja Ashfaq Khan, Secretary General PPP Derby, has urged Kashmiris to help each other on Kashmir issue and with complete unity Kashmiris can defeat Indian designs.
Raja Ashfaq Azam of PPP said that Kashmir issue is not an issue of any political party, any groupĀ  but an issue of freedom and basic human rights of entire Kashmiri nation. “We have to raise above the political affiliation and get our rights from India”.
Chaudhry Muhammad Maqsood said, “We have struggled for more than half century and it is turn of young generation and we will guide youths”.