Kashmiris firm to complete mission of Muqbool Butt

NOTTINGHAM: Muqbool Butt is among icons of freedom and justice lie Che Guerra and Omar Mukhtar as he became a source of inspiration for not only Kashmiris but also for other nations struggling for their freedom and human rights, said Shaukat Muqbool Butt, a nationalist leader of Kashmir and son of slain Kashmiri leader Muqbool Butt.

“It is saying of Muqbool Butt that Kashmiris should know their friends and foes and a hidden enemy is more dangerous than an open enemy”, Shaukat Butt said while addressing a rally organized to mark the 30th martyrdom anniversary of Muqbool Butt. Butt was hanged in Indian Tihar Jail on February 11, 1984.

To mark the 30th martyrdom anniversary slain leader Muqbool Butt, Kashmiris in every city of Britain hold functions, rallies and seminars. Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Nottingham Chapter holds a big public rally to pay tributes to martyred leader.

JKLF Britain President Prof Azmat Khan presided over the gathering while Shaukat Muqbool Butt, son of Shaheed Muqbool Butt was chief guest. JKLF Nottingham President Javed Chaudhry conducted the rally.

Shaukat Muqbool Butt was warmly welcomed by participants when he arrived for speech and received with slogans, “Kashmir watan hamara hai iski hifazat hum karenge, iski azadi ki jung hum ladenge”.

Shaukat Muqbool Butt said Muqbool Butt was a visionary leader who sacrificed his life to show his nation the right path to attain freedom and live with dignity.

Addressing the rally Prof Azmat Khan paid glowing tributes to Muqbool Butt saying Muqbool Butt is a shining star of Kashmir’s history which will always remain shining and giving light and inspiration to Kashmiris as well as other nations struggling for their rights.

Muqbool Butt by kissing the hanging ropes gave Kashmiri nation as sense how to struggle for freedom and continue the journey against all odds, he said, adding the Caravan of Muqbool Butt is moving and going on and definitely it will attain its destination.

JKLF after following the footprints of Muqbool Butt has rendered supreme sacrifices which would leave Kashmiri nation close to their destination, he said.

“Suppressors of Kashmir must know, if Kashmiris can force India to leave Kashmir, then can do it with others”, Azmat said, adding JKLF left the gun and adopted the path of politics and diplomacy for the sake of peace in South Asia, but it should not taken far-granted as adopting the old path is not difficult.

He said if India and Pakistan delayed to give Kashmiri their right of self-determination this will force us to look towards past. Kashmiris are a peaceful nation but only peace with justice and freedom will be acceptable and any solution imposed from outside will be returned in a befitting manner.

Prof Zafar Khan of JKLF talking on impact of sacrifice of Muqbool Butt on freedom movement of Kashmir said Muqbool Butt kissed the hanging ropes and it has changed the destination of Kashmiri nation, Now Muqbool Butt is not belonging to any specific group, party or people he is an icon of freedom not only in Kashmir but across the globe.

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