Kashmir issue being highlighted with full force: Sultan

LONDON: Former AJK Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry has said Kashmir issue has taken a new turn as it is being highlighted world over with full force.

“In past three wars were fought between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue and all three were conventional wars. Now situation is different as now both are nuclear powers and war will be nuclear war”, Barrister Sultan said while addressing a seminar organized by All Parties Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Kashmir at British Parliament. Andrew Griffith MP Chairman of the Group presided over the seminar.

Besides Andrew Griffith other Parliamentarians including Lord Nazir Ahmed, Lime Bern, Sarah Champion, Rob Wilson, David Ward, Lord Qurban Hussain, Sir Gerald Kauffman, Chris Lazily, Debbie Abraham, John Hemming, Kelvin Hopkins, Steve Baker, Rehman Chishti were present on the occasion while Hamid Pothi, Chaudhry Majid Ismael, Chaudhry Shaban, Chaudhry Dilpazeer, Chaudhry Hakamdad, Chaudhry Farooq, Saeed Bhatti, Councilor Chaudhry Allah Ditta, Mushtaq Lashari, Councilor Maroof, and Faiz Ahmed Faizi were among Kashmiri leaders present in the seminar.

Addressing a chief guest, Sultan Mehmood Kashmir is now a nuclear flash point and if war broke out will cause terrible losses across the globe. Both the armies are on standby on Line of Control and a little mischief will cause war and lead this region towards nuclear war, he added.

At this juncture it is responsibility of word community to save the humanity from big loss and use its efforts to resolve Kashmir issue, he said.

Kashmiris living across the globe have an obligation to build a powerful world opinion and take along world community and appraise world power of importance of Kashmir and tell them world peace is linked with Kashmir issue.

Former AJK Premier announced that on the occasion of foundation day of AJK on October 24, he will organize a million march in London which is tantamount to divert world attention towards Kashmir issue. “Present international scenario is demanding to give special attention towards Kashmir and resolve it at its earliest to ensure peace in the world”, he added.

“The members of APPG on Kashmir have decided to brief Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague about Kashmir issue, right of self-determination of Kashmiri people and brutal Indian human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir, Barrister Sultan maintained, adding separate meetings will be arranged with two Britain leaders for this purpose.

He said British Parliamentarian will also meet Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon to remind them the UN promise of right of self-determination to Kashmiri nation.

If Britain can hold referendum in Scotland on the name of freedom then why Kashmiris are being denied their basic right of self-determination on which world powers are signatories, Barrister Sultan asked the British Parliamentarians.

He thanked British Parliamentarians for their support to million march saying he will contact the international human rights organizations, civil society, Mayors, Councilors, NGPs and observers to bring them to this march. He said the members of APPG on Kashmir have assured him to visit AJK.

Andrew Griffith on behalf of members of APPG assured complete support to make million march a success.