Kashmir seeks world attention, world must help resolve this issue: Meacher

OLDHAM: Kashmir issue is not a fight to attain a piece of land, it is an issue of basic human rights of human beings and in this era of knowledge human being cannot be denied their rights under military might, said Michael Hugh Meacher, Labor Party Parliamentarian from Oldham.

He expressed solidarity with Kashmiri people at a meeting held in Oldham regarding the elections of Oldham Council schedules in May this year. The function was hosted by Chaudhry Razaq Qadri while it was attended by former Mayor Oldham Chaudhry Riaz Ahmed, Raja Aftab Sharif, Chaudhry Azhar Naveed, Haji Razaq, Chaudhry Nasir, Chaudhry Iqbal Kusgamvi, Chaudhry Ishaq, Chaudhry Haji Asif, Chaudhry Mansha, Chaudhry Bashir, Ishfaq Moto, Chaudhry Ishtiaq, and Haneef.

Meacher said Kashmir seeks international attention and world should have taken this sensitive issue of Indo-Pak seriously to save the region from any untoward incidents. It needs serious and sincere efforts to get this issue resolved, he added.

If this issue was not resolved immediately the world power should remain ready to face any disaster in the south Asian region, Michael Meacher said, adding it is clear United Nations, the US and Britain join hands and put pressure on both India and Pakistan to sit on table to find any durable solution of Kashmir issue.

“Resolving Kashmir issue through dialogue would not only ease tension between two countries but also put the economy of both countries on path of development and growth”, Michael Meacher said.

Talking on the political situation in Britain he said the policies adopted by present British Government are creating problems for people and now it is responsibility of people to show the government door with the power of their vote in Local Council Polls.

He said people of Oldham are lucky that sane and committed people like Councilor Atteeq ur Rehman are representing you.

He felicitated Councilor Atteeq ur Rehman for being Deputy Mayor of the Council.