Kashmir issue has buried, only its echo can heard: AML Leader

WATFORD: World is feeling that Kashmir issue was buried and only its ecoes can be heard, while leadership of both sides of Kashmir are touts of America, said Javed Sheikh, senior leader of Awami Muslim League Britain.
Kashmiri leadership is fighting for their survival and are making hue and cry and it is biggest tragedy that India has succeeded to crush the freedom movement of Kashmir, Sheikh said while addressing a party meeting here.
He said that it is serious point of concern for Kashmir nation that after such a huge sacrifices rendered by Kashmiris, India is eracting conrete wall on Line of Control. India is not alone in this plan of construction of wall, but many foreign powers are supporting India, as they have diplomatic, economic and trade interests in India, he added.
India is spending billions in the US and the UK to force them not to give any importance to Kashmir issue, he said, adding that the second darkest aspect of Kashmir issue is that Kashmiri leadership is on retreat on this front.
Haji Muneer presided over the meeting and Ahmed Amin Boby conducted it,while addressing the organizer AML Britain Haji Muhammad Mehar praised the statement of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on dual nationality saying that the issue of dual nationality should be raised in the Parliament so that overseas Pakistani can be given right to vote.
Haji Muneer, Syed Abrar Hussain, Amjid AminĀ  Boby and Prof Laiq Ali Khan also addressed the gathering.