Kashmir can be nuclear flashpoint if not resolved: Maroof

SLOUGH: Kashmir at present seeks attention of international community more than ever, as this issue has capacity to cause a nuclear war which can prove disasterous, said Raja Zafar Maroof, senor Vice President of Muslim Conference.
World community should realize that Kashmir is dispute between two nuclear powers so that it would trigger a nuclear war int he region which will not only destroy the South Asia but cause death and destruction to suroundings, Maroof said while addressing a reception organized by Councillor Raja Amjid. Raja Gul Bahar presided over the function.
Raja Maroof urged the overseas Kashmiris to utilize all out efforts and bring British Parliaments close to highlight Kashmir issue internationally and build a powerful public opinion. Keeping in view the importance of Kashmir dispute United Nations and world powers should help resolve this issue as per UN resolutions.
World community should bring India, Pakistan and Kashmiri leadership on table to resolve this issue through dialogue, he said, adding that Muslim Conference, beingĀ  basic political force, can represent Kashmiris in dialogue. Muslim Conference was weakened through conspiracies on local level but it is capable to represent Kashmir internationally.
Addressing the gathering host Councillor Raja amjid said that Raja Zafar Maroof is source of inspiration for people of Kashmir and assured that overseas community will help in elections.
In his presidentail address Raja Gul Bahar said that Kashmiri community is united in Britain on Kashmir issue and will remain united in future on national issues. Kashmiri community will strive to highlight Kashmir issue internationally.
Zakir Kayani Advocate, Councillot Sufi Rasab and others also addressed the gathering.