Journalist acts like eyes and ears of society

ROCHDALE: Media is playing important n building or derailing a society and journalist is not like a common employee but a holy warrior who always does something positive for society said Barrister Amjid Malik, President Rochdale Law Association.

Before filing a story to check the effects and after-effects of it is primary responsibility of journalist, Barrister Malik said while talking to Mobeen Chaudhry, Chief Editor Kashmir Link London and Chief Reporter Akram Abid, who met him at this office.

“It is indeed very pleasant that journalist community in Britain are playing positive role and are showing complete responsibility and it is rare a news become issue”, Barrister Malik said.

Talking to Kashmir Link team, Barrister Malik said, “Besides your professional responsibility you are involved in journalist politics so you have double responsibility and your attitude should always be for betterment of society”.

He stressed the need of insurance of journalists saying being legal advisor of oldest journalist organization, Pakistan Journalist Association he is involved in different programs which will prove beneficial for journalist community.

Barrister Malik agreed with suggestions of Mobeen Chaudhry, Vice President of Press Club and Akram Abid, former Vice President of the Club, saying Pakistan High Commission and its Consulates are always angry with journalist, but they are looking as what they are giving to these journalists. There should be a space for both journalist organizations in PHC, where they can hold meetings, he said.


Mobeen Chaudhry told Barrister Malik journalist community is cautious not allow any one use the platform for UK Pakistan Press Club for negative propaganda for anyone.

During the meeting it was discussed that some NGOs operating by their own are using PHC and its space and PHC is providing all out assistance and support to their functions, while journalists who are acting holy warriors for country are not being allowed to use space.

The meeting also urged that Pakistani journalist in UK should be given their identity like journalist community at home. They asked the journalist organizations to prepare a list of working journalists so the matter will be raised with Prime Minister to allow concession in PIA for them when they go back to Pakistan for professional duty.

The meeting also urged the both organizations to show complete unity and solidarity, as it is dire need of the community and prepare a kit which will be better for working journalists.

On the occasion Barrister Amjid Malik, who is also Chairman Lawyers Wing of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and a goof writer presented his book “Road to Justice” to Mobeen Chaudhry and Akram Abid, while the two have presented bouquets to Barrister Malik for being first president of Rochdale Law Association.