Jamima holds Obama responsible of killing 178 kids in drone attacks

LONDON: Human Rights activist and ex-wife of Pakistani Political Leader Imran Khan, Jamima Khan has said the US and Pakistani rulers have to reply the questions on Drone attacks being carried in connivance with Pakistani Establishment, which claimed thousands innocent lives.
Both the countries are responsible as they have committed war crimes in tribal areas of Pakistan, she said while talking to media on the occasion of premier of her film on US drone attacks on Pakistan.
She said that both the US and Pakistan are hiding the actual killings in drone attacks and as per human rights organizations world over the majority of 3000 killed were of women, children and common people.
She termed it a mockery that the US is claiming that during 2012 no civilian was killed in drone attacks. If no civilian was killed then who were those old men, women and children, she asked.
She termed the last week figures government of Pakistan presented in the parliament as controversial saying that all what Pakistani rulers are saying if for money.
Jamima, the ex-wife of Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, said that war crimes were committed in Pakistan and the US and Pakistani rulers and establishment should be taken to task on this issue. It remained history of Pakistan that rulers are hiding facts from their people.
She said that Wiki-leaks have exposed that Pakistani government has given consent for drone attacks.
She hold Barack Obama responsible for killing of 178 children in drone attacks saying that Obama is raising voice for children killing in Syria while he has not notices the killing of Pakistani children in drone attacks.
She said that Barack Obama is telling lie on number of people killed in drone attacks or he is ignorant and was kept in blind.
It is sad and pathetic that more than 326 drone attacks were occurred in Pakistan after a person who is Noble Laureate assumed power.