It depends how Pak Politicians yield from GSP Plus: Sajad Karim

NELSON: “Whenever I enter in European Parliament the love from my own people and intimacy from my area and expectations of loved ones start raising heads in my mind, which is driving force for me and is providing my energy to strive hard”, said Dr Sajad Karim, Chairman Friends of Pakistan in European Parliament.
He was addressing a reception hosted by Burnley Pendal Friends League, as the function was organzied to praise the Doctoreat Degree awarded by University of Management and Technology Lahore to Dr Sajad Karim for his valuable efforts to help Pakistan to get GSP Plus status. Dr Sajad taled in an emotional about his journey from Councillor to Member European Parliament and then his efforts to get GSP PLus status for Pakistan.
Sajad Karim praised the system of Britain saying the system in Britian is transparent and a person who work hard can get results by all means and no one can bar him from coming forward.
Talking on bilateral relations between Britain and Pakistan, he said, “I personally think the bilateral relations between two countries are relations of two brotherly countries, as many of our values are very close to each other”.
Discussing the contents of ‘spasnama’ vote of thanks presented by organizers, Dr Sajad Karim praised the efforts of Andrew Stephenson, who is chairman of All Parties Parliamentary Group on Pakistan saying in attaining the GSP Plus for Pakistan the role of Andrew and support of British Govrenment was of very high value and it show cooperation and respect. “Andrew Stephenson should get re-electee because he is a very high esteem Parliamentarian from Pendal
“These are my streets where i grow while playing and then I started politics from this area and whenever I return to this area the blood circulating in my gives a sense of intimacy and I am taking this sense to Parliament” Sajad Karim said.
“I will not forget my background anf this is reason a pleasent sense is always accompanying me, as my elders, my friends and releatives are here to pray for me”, Dr Sajad, Conservative Party European parliamentarian fromn North-West said.
Talking more about GSP Plus Sajad karim said it depends now upon Pakistani politicians as how much benefit they can get from this status by their words and deeds, it is a big opportunity for Pakistan to earn more than five billion dollrs by this trade besides generation of hundreds of thousand  job opportunities. “We have played our role in this regard and we have succeeded with your prayers and Allah helped me to get it from Pakistan and after centuries later when historian write he will not forget me”, he added.
He said the relations between European Union and Pakistan depends upon relations of Pakistan with its minorities. “Whenever I traveled to Pakistan I raised the issue of excesses with minorities particularly Christians and always talked to maintain peace on this front”, he added.
Andrew Stephenson called Dr Sajad Karim as his teacher and mentor saying he has learned a lot from him.
Mian Abdul Hameed read out ‘Spasnama’ vote of thanks, which had a brief history of efforts of Dr Sajad karim during last one decade. The issue of rendition raised by him in European Parliament, role in Emma Nicholson’s Kashmir Report, highlighting the un-named graves in Kashmir and GSP Plus status for Pakistan were as credentials of Sajad.

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