Islam not allows killing innocent person: Lord Nazir

LONDON: British Peer and renowned community leader Lord Nazir Ahmed has urged the Pakistani judiciary to think seriously to release Muhammad Asghar, facing trial under blasphemy law.

The court should acquit him as evidences are clear that he has not committed blasphemy but he was trapped under this law, Lord Nazir said while addressing a reception hosted in East London after his return from Iran. The reception was hosted by Chaudhry Mukhtar and Asad Shah.

The function was conducted by Azhar Javed Secretary General UK=Pakistan Press Club while senior journalist and chief editor The Nation Muhammad Sarwar and Managing Editor Tahir Chaudhry also addressed the gathering.

The matter of Muhammad Asghar, a Scottish man from Edinburgh, who is being tried under blasphemy law in Rawalpindi, a garrison city of Pakistan, was under discussion even after function ended.

British Peer said Islam is a religion of peace and love and every Muslim knows the love for Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH is key to faith. “We have to remain away from killing any innocent person even when our sentiments are exploited. This was disliked by Allah and his messenger”, he added.

Addressing the gathering Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) President Zubair Gul assured no innocent would be convicted.

It is pertinent to note the first Muslim Minister Baroness Saeeda Warsi has appealed to Government of Pakistan to ensure the trial of this case on merit in spite of emotions and complete justice be given to Muhammad Asghar.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed concern saying he is concerned over the trial of a mentally retorted person under blasphemy law in Pakistan.

Hours before meeting of Foreign Office representatives with Pakistan high Commission in London during Prime Minister’s Question Time, former British Premier Gordon Brown said efforts are being made to help Muhammad Asghar who was awarded death sentence.

Responding to a question of Sheila Gull more from Edinburgh, David Cameron said he is himself concerned over the sentence awarded to Asghar; as everyone knows the policy is to condemn the death sentence.

He said how seriously Britain is looking this matter, Pakistan should be aware of it.

British Premier said Baroness Warsi had talked to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on this issue while in Islamabad British High Commission is raising the issue with concerned quarters and in London Foreign Office officials are in touch with Pakistan High Commission.

Labor Parliamentarian Gullmore said Muhammad Asghar was living in Edinburgh for more than 4o years.