Islam wrongly linked with terrorism: Phil Bennion

BIRMINGHAM: British Muslim community is playing important role in promotion of human and ethical values and respect for humanity, said Member European Parliament Phil Bennion.

“Respecting humanity without any discrimination is making society beautiful and ends all evils” Phil Benson was addressing an inter-faith seminar organized by Minhajul Quran International Birmingham chapter. The seminar was organized on the occasion of 63rd Birthday of Dr Tahirul Qadri, Chief of Minhajul Quran International.

The seminar was attended besides Hindu Christen, Sikh community leaders by Allama Ashfaq Alam Qadri, leaders of Jamat Ahle Sunnah Peer Zahid Hussain Rizvi, Mufti Abdul Rasool Mansoor al Azhari, Allama Ahmed Nisar Baigh, Peer Lakht e Hasnain, Mufti Fazal Ahmed Qadri, Councilor Ansar Ali Khan, Moulana Bostan Qadri, Moulana Sarfaraz Madni, Syed Ali Abbas and Chief Organizer MQI Raheeq Abbasi

Phil Bennion, MEP said Islam is a religion of peace and it is being wrongly linked with terrorism but by words and deeds Tahirul Qadri kept Muslim community far away from criminal activities of some other communities. The acts of Tahirul Qadri are praise worthy, he added.

Syed Zahid Hussain Rizvi said the book titled “Dehshatgardi ke Khilaf Fatwa” has changed the mind of non-Muslims and they are thinking the Muslims are not terrorists. “It was a book which became tool in hands of young Muslims who can defend the teachings of Islam at every forum”, he added.

Allama Ahmed Nisar Baigh said Muslims are part and parcel of peaceful British society and they are ready to take part in every forum formed for interfaith harmony and respect for humanity.

Peer Lakht e Hasnain said Dr Tahirul Qadri provided modern Islamic education education to Muslim youth in view needs of present era.

Mufti Fazal Ahmed Qadri, Moulana Bostan Qadri, Roath Jacob, Parvaiz Zahid, Allama Niaz Siddiqui, Councilor Ansar Ali Khan, Moulana Sarfaraz Madni, Syed Ali Abbas, Allama Ashfaq Qadri and Raheeq Abbasi also addressed the gathering and highlighted the role of Dr Tahirul Qadri for preparing Muslim Ummah to show its worth and play its proper role for interfaith harmony.