Islam a perfect way of life, economic system: Ibtissam Elahi

SLOUGH: Islam teaches entire humanity about a perfect way of life, loving manners, sacrifices and protection of others alongwith your own property and life, said Allama Ibtissam Elahi Zaheer, a renowned religious scholar and Ameer Jamiat Ahle Hadith Pakistan.
“If Islam fixed punishment on adultery, using alcohal, theft, murder, it means it is protecting and safeguarding the life, honour and property of others”, he said while addressing a luncheon hosted here by Raja Basharat ali Khan. The function started with Quranic vberses read by Moulana Abdul Jabbar, prayer leader (Khateeb), while it was conducted by Raja Zakir Hussain Kayani.
The function was attended by former Mayor Slough, Raja Muhammad Lateef Khan, Trustee of Mosque Chaudhry Muhammad Akram, political activist Raja Amirullah Khan, Raja Meharban Khan, Councillor Chaudhry Rasab Hussain, Raja Abdul Khaliq, business leader Raja Shabir Narrvi, Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad Yaqoob Khan, Deputy Mayor Raja Muhammad Aziz, former councillor Chaudhry Basharat Hussain, Muhammad Azad Jarral, Raja Faiz Sultan, Sajid Janjua, Sayyab Nawaz, Muhammad Areesh, Chaudhry Muhammad Afzal.
Addressing the gathering Ibtissam Elahi said that Rawalpindi eposide is a tragedy and it is necessary to probe it and give an examplary punishment to people involved iu this incident.
Islam never permits anyone to snatch freedom, chastity and security of otehrs nor it allows anyone to raise hue and cry and cause problems for others, he said.

Ibtissam Elahi said that Allah Almighty one one side has declared in Holy Quran the Shirk, adlutery, murder as biggest sins (Gunahe Kabeera) while on the other it is written in verses of Holy Quran that if amyone truely seeks pardon from Allah he will be forgiven.
He said that today mankind is facing problems due to depending material things than Allah Almighty.
Responding to a question regarding Imran Khan’s move to stop NATO supply, Ibtissam Elahi said that this move will benefit the nation.
To another question regarding the moon sighting in Britain, he said that Muslims living in Britain should change calender after they see moon in their area, as witnesses of moon sighting in Saudia Arabia or any other country is no solution to this issue. If we set prayer timing locally as per sun then why is moon being made an issue, he asked.
He said that today Hindus and Sikhs are using word Shahdat and Jihad but these two terminology are linked with struggle for Allah and only Allah.