Allama Iqbal gave ideology to Pakistan nation: Lord Nazir

LONDON: Allama Dr Muhamamd Iqbal, was not saviour of Pakistan but entire Muslim Ummah, who through his vision taught Muslim Ummah how to live with honour and dignity, The enemy has kept a maligned eye on Pakistan obtained after huge sacrifices of elders.
These were the view of speakers in a function organized to celebrate the Iqbal Day, which was organzied by renowned Kashmiri leader Moulana Muhammad Yaqoob Chishti at TKC Southall London. Renowned Kashmiri community leader Lord Nazir Ahmed, former Speaker AJK Assembly Shah Ghulam Qadir were chief guests on the occasion. Councillor Zahida Noori and Khwaja Zahoor also addressed the function.
Moulana Chishti in his emotional tune said that Pakistan was attained after huge sacrifices of elders. But, “it is sad that we have forget our responsibilities towards this country”.
He said that it was Iqbal’s vision which helped in creation of Pakistan otherwise Pakistanis whould have been slaves of Hindus.”It was Allah Alomighty’s blessing that bestowed Pakistan Allama Iqbal and once we stock with the vision of Iqbal and teachings of Quaid e Azam, we will attainthe lost glory”, he added.
Lord Nazir Ahmed said that Allama Iqbal was a multi-dimentional personality and it was his philosophy, which helped Muslims of South Asia to get their homeland. Iqbal’s pholosophy, struggle for Pakistan will have no parallel and it was his vision whcih called Quaid e Azam from London.
HJe said that Iqbal urged Quaid E Azam to come Pakistan and take leadership of Muslim League and this was reason that ‘Resolution of Pakistan’ was passed in Lahore on 1940. Iqbal dued two years before Resolution of Pakistan was passed, but it was his vision that Quaid e Azam obtained Pakistan within a short period of seven years, he said.
“It was our weakness that n 25 years we lost half of the country and Bamgladesh was created, where a 90 year old leader is facing punishment for safeguarding Pakistan”, Lord Nazir said.
British Peer said that Pakistan is passing through a stage which is hurting every Pakistani living abroad and today rulers are talking about making relationship with India. “We must learn lesson from poetry, philosophy and teachings of Iqbal”, he maintained.
Shah Ghulam Qadir, who is Secretary General of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), the concept of glory is that Muslims round the globe should be powerful and no one suppress them. “But without reading and understanding the vision of Iqbal, we will not be powerful and conquerer”, he said.
Shah said that coming out of slavery of foreign powers will help Pakistan to move upwards and attain the lost glory.

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