Insurance companies busy to estimate losses

Insurance companies busy to estimate losses
Kashmir Link Report
LONDON: British and European governments have started making estimates of the losses inflicted by recent typhoon while on the other hand insurance companies have also started to make estimates which they have to pay to insurers.
It is prior to say that the losses in recent typhoon will cross the loss extimates of previous multi billion pound typhoons.
According to Association of British Insurers the loss of 1987 typhoon was two billion pound sterlings while 2007 floods have caused loss of over three billion pounds sterlings.
The recent rainfall and 160 kilometers wind has not only caused huge losses but also caused difficulties to people in discharging their duties. The typhoon started on Sunday night which caused delay and even forced cancellation of trains and flights, besides it has also forced to close various roads and bridges for vehicular traffic.
According to electricity supply company the typhoos caused suspension of electricity supply to more than 220,000 houses in north London.
The authorities in northern Europe have confirmed the death of three persons due to typhoons, two in Britain and one in Amesterdam. The electricity supply remained suspended. France, Holland and Britain affected by the typhoon, while various German cities have also affected.
In Britain Meteorology Department, its subordinate organizations and television channels had given people warning. The typhoon will rise from Atlantic on Saturday and struck with southern banks on Sunday night.