Installation of bill-board in center of city for awareness to celebrate Eid Miladul Nabi: Qazi

LUTON: Installation of bill-board about celebrations of Eid Miladul Nabi (PBUH) at Luton city’s Asian Business Center, is a sources of love and affection with Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and it will help create awareness about Islam and Islamic teachings, said Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti, renowned religious scholar and founder of Jamia Islamic Ghausia Luton. He was addressing the people who came to felicitate him in Jamia Islamic Ghausia.
The bill-board has added in beauty of the city and is giving people awareness to celebrate the Eid Miladul Nabi (The birthday of Holy Prophet (PBUH), he said.
Britain is a multi-religion country and followers of every religion are free to follow their religion and celebrate their festivities with ease, he said, adding the highest seat of knowledge in Britain “The Linkons Inn” has written the name of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the top. If Britishers can do this then what sort of love and affection Muslims have to show for Holy Prophet.
Others who addressed on the occasion were Haji Raja Munshi Khan Qadri, Raja Farid Khan Qadri, Raja Haji Muhammad Bashir, Haji Chaudhry Abdul Majid, Moulana Hafiz Muhammad Kamran, Subedar Abdul Khaliq, Nisar Ahmed and Abdul Rasheed Mir.