Imran Khan has turned into ideal for Pakistanis: PTI Yorkshire

DEWSBURY: Imran Khan is a ray of hope for suppressed poor people of Pakistan. Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a symbol and example for not only Pakistan but in whole world.

This was stated by Muhammad Aslam Bhutta, President Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) Yorkshire while addressing a function arranged a chapter of PTI at Dewsbury Yorkshire.

People living abroad are in large number joining Imran Khan as they feel that this is time to support and strengthen Imran Khan to save Pakistan.

Former Yorkshire President Asif Khan said it is unfortunate Pakistan has always got corrupt rulers who by making emotional slogans have sold the nation for meager personal interests. Now Pakistan has got a leader in shape of Imran Khan, who is bold and to fight against evil, he said.

The leadership of PTI is firm to put the begging bowl before our own people than spread it before the outsiders, Asif Khan said.

Shahnaz Siddiq, PTI AJK Coordinator said overseas Pakistanis and Kashmiris have rendered supreme sacrifices for Pakistan. They have worked hard even in odd conditions to their hard earned money to Pakistan to bring prosperity in the country, she said.

People were terribly disappointed but Imran Khan has raised the hope of people, she said, adding to earn the goals we should have work hard with the depth of soul.

“Is it Kashmiri movement of movement of PTI one should satisfy his inner first to move forward to make it a success”, she said.

Secretary General PTI Yorkshire, Sharjeel Malik said Imran Khan is considering overseas Pakistanis and Kashmiris an asset for country and given them due respect and regard. Imran Khan has not made any hollow slogan to befool people nor has he entered in election arena with these slogans, he added.

He said by introducing similar syllabus in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Imran Khan has revolutionized the system which is a historical step.

PTI leader Ashiq Hussain in his emotional tune criticized the rulers of Pakistan saying rulers of past and present are looting Pakistan and are dumping money in foreign banks. Imran Khan has brought money from outside and build a modern hospital and university, he said.

Khwaja Tahir Ayub joined PTI said he joined PTI due to vision of Imran Khan and his urge to do something for country. Imran Khan has turned into ideal for Pakistanis living in country or abroad.

PTI leader Muhammad Idrees said Imran Khan is taking revolutionary steps under a program to bring country out of the crisis. PTI has turned in to a real Tsunami which will abolish the walls of suppression and corruption.

Afaq Butt, Shahram Farah, Khwaja Amjid, Arfa, Dr Ghulam Abbas, Rehan Kiyani and Abrar Hussain while the function was conducted by Mudasar Ali. The function was started with recitation from Holy Quran by Hafiz Muhammad Yaqoob and Mubashir Bazmi present Naat in honor of Holy Prophet PBUH.