HR violations a slap on modern man of 21st century

LONDON: Twenty first century is century of science and technology and human being claiming to have touched heights and in this era human rights violation is a slap on the face of human being claiming to be modern.
These were the view of community leaders in their separate messages on the occasion of International Human Rights Day.
Human rights violations on this era can be called serious point of concern for humanity, as powerful is trying to hide the excesses he is doing while these human rights violations are becoming a news but even could not be stopped.
Senior Minister Baroness Saeeda Warsi criticized the hanging on Bangladeshi leader on the day and termed it a cowardice move of Bangladeshi government.
Renowned community leader, Lord Nazir ahmed said human rights violations is not only issue of third world, Either it is Kashmir or Palestine, Iraq of Syria, or Bangladesh all the powerful under their lust for pwoer are crushing humanity.
He said that execution of Abdul Qadir a Jamat e Islami leader in Bangladesh is a slap on the face of humanity. Government is using the sheild of war crimes, but it is known fact he was executed on political grounds, he said.
Lord Nazir called upon world community to come forward to support the people raising voice against suppression and excesses, otherwise everone will be target one day.
Dr Sajad Karim, Member European Parliament on the occasion said his voice and support will always be with suppressed. “I will not allow world to forget Kashmir and Kashmiris”.

Addressing a full chamber in European Parliament Sajad karim urged the European Parliament not to adopt double standards on human rights violations in Kashmir and neither hide the crimes of India.
He expressed dismay over ignoring over 2000 unidentified graves in Kashmir saying the Parliament should take note of these unidentified graves.
Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Altaf Hussain said enhancement of social values, system based on justice and equality and unity among all sects of society is imperative to avoid human rights violations.
He said in this era when world is moving towards new horizons, human rights violations in Pakistan is existing in different shapes and much worst is detention of political activists. Kidnapping citizens and not producing them before court is worst form of human rights violations and is existing in Pakistan.
Kashmiri leader and Justice Foundation Chairman Barrister Majeed Tramboo and Prof Nazir Shawl, former Director Kashmir Center London have appealed world leaders to look into Kashmir issue impartially and support Kashmiri people who are facing worst form of human rights violations. World when look Kashmir issue the will feel Kashmiris are worst affectees.
Councillor Mehmood Hussain, former President JKLF Britain said India and its army is busy in brutal human rights violations against Kashmiris and have let loose reign of terror in the area. What India did with JKLF chairman YaseenĀ  Malik and his family has no parallal in history and this should be condemned world over, he added.