High flying IT consultant sentenced 5 years in jail

BRADFORD: Javid Iqbal, a well known IT consultant who lost everything after becoming drug addict was jailed for five years for transporting, storing and mixing almost £1 million of Class A drugs.
Javid Iqbal, 42, had a wife and a highly-paid job in the City of London but lost both when his recreational addiction of Cocaine escalated and he ran up a £10,000 debt to dealers, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.
Police on a tip off raided the house of Javed Iqbal located in Killinghall Road, Undercliffe, Bradford, on August 21 they found almost £170,000 of cocaine, a stash of cannabis, scales and a mixing bowl, prosecutor Howard Shaw said. Police during the search found more than a kilo of cocaine, with a 78 per cent purity, and a blue suitcase containing 950 grammes of cannabis.
Javed Iqbal was linked by his fingerprints to 12 blocks of heroin, weighing almost eight kilos and with a street value of up to £788,000, that was seized by police from a car stopped on the A650 in Drighlington on March 3.
The driver, Zak Kennedy, 21, of Scunthorpe, was jailed for five and a half years in May after pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply class A drugs.
Javed Iqbal told officers he was himself cocaine addict for 16 years and was paying off a debt to dealers, ferrying, storing, cutting and mixing drugs.
His counsel, James Bourne-Arton, told the court Javed Iqbal began taking cocaine recreationally and it had cost him everything. udge Peter Benson told him: “It is a tragedy to see you before the court, at the age of 42, for the very first time.”
Javed Iqbal was a highly intelligent man who had worked in responsible jobs and knew full well the misery that Class A drugs visited on people, the court heard.