Heavy rains play havoc, Britain facing multi-faceted problems

LONDON: Britain is not only fighting to cope with the problems arrived due to heavy rain, but also using all out efforts to bring unity among people from different communities at this hour of need.

At this hour of need people from different colors, races and communities are feeling happiness to help each other.

More rains, snowfall and cyclones are expected in Southern and western areas in coming days, which could further add in the problems of people who are affected by the flood.

The experts have said that winds will strike with Southern coast with the speed of 80mph, while Northern areas will face heavy snowfall.

The heavy flood has caused 20 feet ditch in Bemal Hamsted while the experts are of the view that heavy rainfall has softened the earth and it slide, which caused the ditch. The people living in surroundings have started taking something superstitious about the ditch caused by flood and rainfall and media is giving coverage to these rumors.

During last two months heavy snowfall, rainfall and devastating floods played havoc in Britain and life was paralyzed in the affected areas while people stranded in flood were rescued by using boats in many areas and sent to safer places.

Thousands of homes are without electricity and gas and thousands of houses are under heavy floods, while cars and homes are looking submerged. Flood has caused devastation in coastal areas.

The fire caused in coastal areas of Wales has engulfed many other adjacent areas.

Prime Minister David Cameron has assured the owners of houses damaged by flood and other devastations that the government will use all out efforts and extend all possible help to affected people. He said government will reach to every area affected by floods and help affected people.

This relief mission will be like the mission in World War II and princes of British Monarchy, Prince William and Prince Harry are also part of relief mission, which is helping British Army and other institutions to put sandbags in flood hit areas.

British Premier Cameron, Deputy Premier and other representatives are visiting flood hit areas.