Greater Manchester wins in celebrating Holy Prophet PBUM birthday

MANCHESTER: After making history the Mayor of Manchester participated in different Milad events including at Darulaloom Islamia Ghamkol Sharif Manchester where Muslim friendly Jew leader Sir Gerald Kaufman was also invited. He appraised the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUM).
Manchester has many honors regarding the Pakistani community but the honor Lord Mayor Councillor Naeem ul Hassan, a Lahorite, has attained will not be attained by anyone.
In 700 year history of Manchester Town Hall, it was first time when Eid Miladun Nabi was celebrated and every knock and corner of town hall was echoed with Darod o salam to Holy Prophet PBUH.
Speaking on the occasion Lord Mayor Naeem ul Hassan said it is for the first time in history when traditions of town hall were set aside and Miladun Nabi (birth anniversary of Holy Prophet PBUH) was celebrated and a cake was cut to show love and affection towards Him.
He said Muslim Ulema along with Muslim Councilors by cutting cake have made a new tradition.
Renowned Ulema from Ahle Sunnah Ahmed Nisar Baigh said the Holy Prophet PBUH was brought before everything was a dream and he was brought before everything in the universe. “When at the beginning of creation of human beings Allah has brought all souls and asked am I not your Rab and first soul answered yes was the soul of Holy Prophet PBUH”, he said.
“I am pleased the Miladun Nabi is being celebrated in this town hall”, he said.
Allama Arshad Misbahi said it is tradition of Muslims that they are highlighting the teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH and are preaching the teachings to others.
Allama Shahjahan Madni said Lord Mayor Councilor Naeemul Hassan and former Lord Mayor have make true representation of Muslims/
Chairman DM Digital Dr Malik said Muslims should raise voice for holidays on Miladun Nabi like Christmas.
Among others who attended by the function were Deputy Mayor Oldham Fida Hussain, Allama Qari Zahoor Ahmed, Suhail Qadri, Allama Aqeel Jalali, Councilor Shaukat Ali, Councilor Abid Chauhan, Councilor Aftab, Councilor Nasreen Ali, Qadeer Ahmed Chauhan, Zahoor Ahmed Chaudhry and Muhammad Shahbaz.

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