Dr. Qadri blasted against terrorism in GPU Festival London

LONDON: Dr Tahirul Qadri, Chairman Munhajul Quran (MuQ) has warned the west to stop killing innocent people of the name of war against terrorism and if any group is involved in terrorism or extremism anywhere in the world, that is anti Islam and no one can justify it.
Terrorism and extremism is against Islamic teachings and anyone or group involved in this should be given examplary punishment, but there is no justificationof killing innocent people, Qadir said while addresing the concluding function of Global Peace and Unity (GPU) Festival held at Excel Center. Festival was attended by a large number of religious scholars, political and social personalities round the globe. World renowned ‘Qura’ (Recitors of Quran) and ‘Naat Khwan’ also participated in the festival, which was organized by Islam Channel.
The volunteers of festival introduced the mobile application through which participants got downloads the speeches of scholars, Qirat and Naats, Nasheeds besides the information regarding Islam.
Qadri urged the entire Muslim Ummah to realize their responsibilities and keep your youth away from these terrorists, who are negating the Islam.
Tahirul Qadir, who was given standing ovation when he came on stage, said that it is unfortunate that world has linked the acts of criminals with Islam, while the Islamic teachings are totally against the terrorism and extermism and against the acts for which these criminals are protecting themselves.
He said that Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not prophet of Islam and Muslims only but he was sent to entire universe as blessing of Allah Almighty. “Holy Prophet always love humanity and there are thusands examples about love for humanity”, he added.
He said that Muslims have to remain attached with the teachings of Islam came through Holy Prophet with sole message of love, peace and brotherhood.
Chief Executive Islam Channel Nuhammad Ali in his address said that entertainment for Muslims Living in Lodon was presented in the festival remaining under the limits of Islamic teachings. “We want to give world a message of love, peace and brotherhood”, he added.
He said that this peace festival gave highest appreciation to Najam Sheraz and Junaid Jamshed.