Govt made traveling easy for overseas community by issuing NICOP: Atteeq

OLDHAM: Government of Pakistan after issuing National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) has made travelling to Pakistan easy for overseas community, said Councilor Atteeq Ur Rehman.

He was talking to media on the occasion of NADRA Surgery arranged by Consulate General of Pakistan in Manchester. People including women and children got benefitted by the NADRA Surgery arranged by Councilor Yasmeen Toro and Councilor Atteeq ur Rehman of Oldham Metropolitan Council and have fulfilled all the requirements for making NICOP.

It is pertinent to note that a person having NICOP has no need of visa to visit Pakistan.

Councilor Atteeq ur Rehman said people should take benefit from the measures Government of Pakistan is making for overseas Pakistanis community. Holding NADRA Surgery on Saturday was aimed to provide facility to people who work for five days in offices and are not able to get it on any working day.

Councilor Yasmeen Toro said that Pakistan Government has made travelling towards motherland easy for overseas community having NICOP.

The NADRA Surgery hold in the premises of Oldham Metropolitan Council was conducted by NADRA Manchester officials including Imran Naseem, Suhail Imran Malik, Suleman Sajjad, Maryam Rasheed from Gery FedEx, Nauman Asghar from UBL. These officials served people coming from Oldham and surroundings and made documentation very easy for applicants.

The NADRA surgery is being hold in different areas to provide this facility to children and handicaps who cannot visit NADTA offices for host of reasons.